CIP Orange LogoFriends. Many of you have inquired to me as to what exactly is Collective IP and this Innovation Economy I so often speak of. Well allow me to shed some light…

Collective IP, the global leader in Innovation Intelligence, features the world’s most comprehensive and accurate organization of technologies residing within universities, companies and research institutes.

We provide unrivaled access to licensing and acquisition opportunities around the globe thereby saving time and money for those engaged in the identification of time decaying assets, due diligence, competitive intelligence and intellectual property strategy.

It takes many constituents to bring a nascent technology to market: inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, experts in intellectual property and finance, and so forth. In recent years we have seen these groups coalesce into what we call the Innovation Intelligence ecosystem. One critical component, we believe, to the acceleration of commercializing new technologies is university discovery and the role of technology transfer, which thus far have been underutilized due to the unstructured nature of content emanating from this global research network.

Our platform captures and illuminates ideas at their earliest stages and maps the evolution of a technology from inventor and their body of work to grant winning, invention disclosure, patent application, publication, IP issuance and commercial launch. By uniquely organizing technology transfer offices at universities and research institutes, public and private companies, and the innovators who inhabit these entities, Collective IP provides a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that reveals the world of global innovation like no other. Collective IP also tracks and uniquely organizes the diverse repertoire of individual researchers who form the foundation of the Innovation Intelligence ecosystem.

Looking to find the latest technology for “intelligent automated assistants”? We have it. Everything about SIRI and Apple, the inventors, the patent estate … you name it, it can all be found in Collective IP.

At our core we believe Collective IP will bring creators and consumers together faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before. This advance in connectivity will usher important ideas and transformative technologies to market which in-turn will improve our quality of life and the conditions of the world we inhabit.

Yeah, kinda a big mission for a little company in Colorado but when a dedicated team is driven by the shared desire and passion to make the world a better place, anything is possible…

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And I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Here we go…